Who are we?

Brent Chanin


Robert Flitsch


Dr. Fred Flitsch


Mary Domkiw

VP of HR

Rüdiger Hilken

VP of Sales
  • Brent Chanin (CEO) has advised major hospitals on the establishment of their own 3D printing labs, and continues to provide the full range of services required to manufacture patient-specific clinical models derived from medical imaging data.
  • Robert Flitsch (CTO) is a driven engineer, using his patented and award-winning technology, vision, and expertise to usher in a new era of manufacturing that will change the world around us and the way we make things in it.
  • Dr. Fred Flitsch (COO/CFO) is a successful executive and innovator who uses his experience and patented technology to create the powerful foundation to build the fabricator of the future on.
  • Mary Domkiw (VP of HR) is an accomplished Human Resources professional with 20+ years of experience building/leading HR functions and acquiring key professionals to support rapidly growing companies in technical industries.
  • Rüdiger Hilken (VP of Sales) is a seasoned executive with management experience in logistics and accumulated sales for entire US markets across multiple industries, including the medical field for bone reconstruction.