COVID-19 Emergency Face Shield Design

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and skyrocketing demand for PPE ...

We have teamed up with Addibots Roadways to provide a face shield design focused on streamlining procurement for hospitals and opening previously closed supply lines. Hospitals only have to focus on sourcing a single design, which can be produced by a multitude of different production methods.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Submitted to America Makes, the NIH 3D Print Exchange, and a number of hospitals for validation; pending review.
  • Can be produced using a single cutting manufacturing technology, or multiple approaches in concert: laser cut, cnc, waterjet, die-cut, injection molding, extrusion, and 3D printing, are all viable for aspects of production
  • Designed with layout efficiencies in mind for scalability and material waste reduction
  • Compatibility with the most popular 3D printed design being used today, so as to make up for supply differences between 3D printed frame components and the more mass manufacturable shield component

Order Now! We have partnered with fabricators around the country who are able to produce these shields by the tens of thousands per day. An online ordering form can be found here. A customer service representative will follow up to confirm all orders and lead times.

How to download - all files are provided free of charge under CC Share-alike License. Click here to download manufacturing files.

Terms and Conditions - Addibots Roadways provides any intellectual property rights that it may have in this design for free during the Covid-19 declared pandemic provided that any user, by their use of the design or any modification of the design, agrees that Addibots Roadways makes no warranty, guarantee or suggestion of fitness of any use of the design. Organofab Technologies, Inc is authorized to distribute and sell this design according to the terms above.

Organofab BETA


An Organofab™ is a comprehensive system for manufacturing living human organs, tissues, and cellular products. The hardware consists of a hermetic, modular environment with robust automation that interconnects different types of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

See our "What is an Organofab?" page for more information.

Organofab "Alpha"

Own a piece of history and help us fundraise! As we continue to develop our Organofab™ technology, preliminary "Alpha" versions of an in-lab Organofab™ are available for purchase, starting at $500,000.