Medical Professionals

Additional Design Benefits

      • Reusable – Easy to dissemble/re-assemble for sterilization. No tools required.
      • Adjustable – Many types of elastic bands can be used to secure the face mask onto a head. Buttonhole elastic can be easily adjusted to multiple head sizes. Standard #117B latex-free rubber bands provide a comfortable fit, with the easiest assembly.
      • No Foam – The design can be produced with sterilizable plastics, by a variety of production methods, to avoid the use of porous materials.

Unite the Makers Around You

      • It’s heartwarming to see the nation-wide effort of makers pitching in to help protect medical workers (we’re trying to do our part too!). However, with many different designs coming at you, the extra effort spent validating them and ensuring their safety can be time consuming and can divert attention away from healthcare efforts.
      • To minimize this logistical time loss, we hope our design can help you unite makers and mass-manufacturers to supply you with a single design. No matter the production method, all makers with desktop-grade production tools (like 3D printers or laser cutters) should be able to produce this design for you.
      • If the design meets your PPE needs, send your suppliers this link, to download the designs for their tools, and you can empower them to work together, rather than making different designs.

Download the Assembly Guide

    • We have partnered with fabricators around the country who are able to produce these shields by the tens of thousands per day. An online ordering form can be found here. A customer service representative will follow up to confirm all orders and lead times.

Designs are provided for free during the declared COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to empower makers and manufacturers, to get involved, adapt to the twists and turns of the pandemic, and help supply PPE to the medical professionals working hard to keep us safe.

Terms and Conditions - Addibots Roadways provides any intellectual property rights that it may have in this design for free during the Covid-19 declared pandemic provided that any user, by their use of the design or any modification of the design, agrees that Addibots Roadways makes no warrantee, guarantee, or suggestion of fitness of any use of the design.

Any recommendations included on this page, or in downloaded files should be followed at the user’s discretion, and Addibots Roadways makes no warrantee, guarantee, or suggestion of fitness of any impact that following, or ignoring, these recommendations has on the resulting design manufactured by the user.